Women’s Day Icons

A beautiful set of elegant, detailed icons created them for all my female readers.

UPDATE: March 11th, 2010.

I understand these icons have offended some people. I apologize.
I just created some objects that are typically associated with women and released the set on International Women’s Day. In no way was I trying to identify women with beauty accessories, ignoring and belittling their achievements and their struggle for equality.
It was definitely and unfortunate choice of release date for an icon set that would have probably been accepted warmly had I marketed it differently.
My sincere apologies to women again.

I still think women are beautiful and deserve a beautiful icon set:
Women's Icons

The icons are available as transparent PNGs at 256 and 128 pixels and they are free for personal use. The set includes: lipstick (2 colors), a vanity mirror, a bottle of perfume, a bracelet, an aquamarine pendant, a fountain pen, a notepad, a pocket calendar, a wallet, a handbag and a silk scarf.

These are just pretty pictures with no message attached, please don’t be put off by their frivolous content.
I promise I’ll be more careful in the future when releasing designs with a potentially controversial content.

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41 Very Welcome Comments:

  • Alan says:

    Great icons Andrea, these would be brilliant for a woman themed website.

  • A Young Woman says:

    WoW!! These are amazing; thanks a lot! Good thing I’m following you on Twitter ^_^

  • Shrantellatessa says:

    Well done! These great icons were featured on http://guipulp.com/

  • Susan Harris says:

    Thanks so much Andrea – what a beautiful set

  • Neil says:

    Purses? Lipstick? You’ve come a long way, women’s rights movement.

  • Bonnie says:

    It looks like you may have misunderstood International Women’s Day and all that it celebrates. How about some icons that celebrate and recognise the achievements of women, instead of some patriarchal symbols of ‘what women like’…like some blue stockings perhaps…?

  • Jahangir says:

    Very nice icons.

    Love the “detail work” you did on them.

  • defifee says:

    These icons are really pretty and your work is great but I don’t see what they have to do with womens’ day and what’s a “woman themed” website anyway?

  • dedide says:

    Sorta misses the point of international women’s day if you think lipstick, jewellery and perfume are what women are all about. I absolutely hate what they represent.

  • Andrea says:

    I’m sorry if I sent the wrong message with these icons. I had no intention of offending women or belittling their achievements. As much as I understand International Women’s Day these are just a bunch of icons with no political message attached. I just thought women might like them so I set out to represent some of the objects they carry around. That’s all.

    • SueZoo says:

      I think the bitter complainers should take a chill pill.

      The Woman’s Movement has been, and is, about choice. Many of us choose to celebrate our femininity as well as champion for equal rights.

      Those who protest these symbols you have created as being “insensitive” and/or “ignorant” as well as being shocked and/or outraged by them are the reason “we still have a long way to go” as well as having “Come A Long Way Baby”.

      I Came-Of-Age in the ’70’s, was an independent career woman, with a 22-year career in a 97%-male-dominated profession in aviation, from a lineage of pioneering women,
      lived in the Arctic and sub-Arctic for over 14 years and am an ardent feminist.

      Just because I can hold my own, or better, in a work environment doesn’t mean I don’t want some pretty icons like these for marking my folder organizations.

      Shame on the complainers for make you hesitate about doing something like this again in the future. I’m all for some pretties to brighten up my electronic life.

      Thanks for sharing and please, don’t hesitate to make some more. I’m always looking for icons for my medical files, my different (girly) friends [some with gray hair, some who are not size 2 but size 20, some who wear nothin but dresses], my W.W.D.O. activities [Wild Woman’s Day Off], and just different coloured open and closed folders [pink, purple, polka dotted, flowered, feminine scrolls, leafy, “pretty”].

      Oh! You can start a new set with a “Chill Pill” icon! I used to have one but it got lost in the new computer shuffle over the years.

      Thanks again for sharing.


  • Krishna says:

    I think these are pretty cool!! very useful for a “girly” themed website!
    Well done and keep up the good work!!


  • barb says:

    I was quite taken aback when I saw these icons designed for *international women’s day*. @Neil and @Bonnie already said everything that needs to be said…I’m shocked about this ignorance.

    • Andrea says:

      Again I’m sorry for being insensitive. While I obviously didn’t mean to send the wrong message I certainly should have been more sensitive to this issue.
      I have updated the post and corrected the title card.
      I hope this public apology, here and on Twitter, makes up for my mistake.

    • Debi says:


      I am female. I don’t wear lipstick, nor do I carry a purse. I have single-handedly raised a son earned a college degree in computer programming.& I occasionally work as a security guard and I left my career to drive a semi truck for a while to see what it’s like. I am also a very successful work at home entrepreneur and have been since 1999. When my son was growing up, I was his room mom, den mom, soccer coach, and baseball coach.

      now, having said all that, I only recently found your website yesterday. I liked what I’ve seen so far, including your feminine icons for women. You do awesome work, and you will never be able to please all people. Men have come a long way too in regards to caring for their families and their children and their households… I know many single dads…But that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t create a set of icons for men that include baseballs, footballs, lawnmowers and outdoor grills for fear that you might offend all of their parenting accomplishments!

      Do what you do best and do it because you enjoy it. Don’t apologize for it because people don’t necessarily agree with what you’ve created. If they don’t like it, then they certainly don’t have to use it. And trust me, if you lose a subscriber because they think that you have a poor sense of judgment, I promise you you’ll have 10 other people signing up to get your icons because they will adore what you do!

      There are certainly people out there, both men AND women, who don’t appreciate what the opposite gender has been able to accomplish in their lives. Don’t let it bring you down.
      Debi J

  • Baloot says:

    Nice womens icon. TQ. :)

  • v3c says:

    Andrea, your icons are awesome as always… :)

  • I think it’s ridiculous if women get offended about these icons. The strongest and most independent women I know love lipstick, purses a.s.o. because they can afford it from their well-paid jobs and love to look beautiful.

    • Andrea says:

      You might be right, none of my female friends complained either, but it was inconsiderate of me to associate these mundane objects with a holiday that means much more.
      Now I know that before something goes public you have to consider all possible outcomes.

  • GaeliX says:

    I found them cute so transfered the pack to quite a lot of girls/women contacts. None of them found them offending (even regarding the women’s day), all of them found them cute…

  • Michelle says:

    I think sometimes women are a little overly sensitive when it comes to these types of things. Yes we struggle for equality but let’s be realistic folks. These were obviously not meant to offend. It’s not like they were pictures of women barefoot and pregnant.

    Guess timing was a little off but to be honest I didn’t even know there was such a thing as Women’s Day. Is there a Man’s Day as well? Would men be offended at a similar set of icons. Not to mention that fact @Andrea has taken the time to not only recognize the day but to create free icons for anyone to use.

    This is one woman that is NOT OFFENDED and IS THANKFUL for sites like this.

  • Very beautiful icons. Thanks for share.

  • monica says:

    Andrea, you’re a wonderful illustrator! I don’t understand why people were offended.
    One of my favorite things about being a woman is that I can express my femininity. Some people are haters, I guess! Keep on the good work! Forza!

  • Amazing icons! Thank you for thinking about us women! :)
    I’m sorry you have to apologize for them…there’s really no reason to.

  • rbaygirl says:

    I think these icons are wonderful. They are sorely needed because not many icons are based on real, everyday objects, in my opinion. I am sorry that some folks see these as a negative and I personally appreciate your work. They’re beautiful!

  • futurebon says:

    They are definitely nicely done- Thanks for your contribution to the ladies :-); although I can see why some offense would be taken by ladies…We can’t deny that women are in fact the main consumers of beauty products. Let’s not be hasty to criticize, and start brainstorming some other objects that the ladies enjoy :-)

    I like the texture on the notebook, as well as the perfume, and lipstick(very slick! :-) ). Nicely done!

  • Heather says:

    Although they are well created, I chuckled sadly when I saw their label.

    These should be labeled “Fashion and Makeup Icons” instead.


  • CyborgSam says:

    These icons represent a small subset from the myriad physical items generally associated with women. They are not a political statement.

    I’m curious: are the same people who are offended by these icons offended by Amira Yulaki Khvenchuk’s icons of women’s fashions (purses & shoes) or is it OK because she’s female?

    Bonnie asked for some icons “that celebrate and recognise the achievements of women”. A great idea, but it doesn’t mean these icons are in opposition of that recognition.

    I’m just an art critic who loves icons, I’d love to see icons that specifically “celebrate and recognise the achievements of women” (Bonnie’s phrase). I really like seeing more of the world in icons from different people’s viewpoints.

  • Lisa C. says:

    Andrea, I think there is no need for you to apologize. These are beautifully done and it was very generous of you to put them out there for people to download. As a business owner, I find that the bigger you get, then you have to realize that you cannot please everyone. Yes, I agree, we do have to be careful what we post and present to the public, but come on, I think we know when something is done intentionally to be offensive vs. when it is done to just share with the world the beautiful work that you do. Andrea, keep up the good work. I’m looking forward to following you and learning more!

  • Rosa says:

    Thanks a lot for the beautiful icons. They are what is still associated with women – and this shall remain so. Women have many sides. I do not feel offended – even though women’s day was invented to show that women are more than lipsticks. But with which synonym do women want to see those symbols? And I think we still want to stick with beauty.

  • Shalu says:


    I have been following your posts for a while now and I absolutely love the way you create icons with ease. I have also noticed that you always replied back when there was a constructive feedback, no matter how rude it sounded. I think you are able to get there because of this attitude. Just wanted to mention this.
    Will continue to see your posts. :-)

  • amy says:

    Thx for the cool icons and screw anyone who is offended by them. very generous of you!

  • Mohammad says:

    Thanks so much. Great work.

  • daniel says:

    If anyone is offended by icons of perfumes and handbags, they have a problem… I think these icons are great and they are perfect for women’s day (or any other day, for that matter).

  • Thauna says:

    I think these are wonderful!!! What a silly thing for people to take offense to. I love them.

  • Marion says:

    I am all for women’s rights however getting steamed up about a set of icons is a bit over the top isn’t it? Lighten up a little..
    Yay women’s rights, also the rights of human beings and the rights of artists to produce art as the whim takes them!

    • Andrea says:

      Thanks for the support. I just don’t want to upset people with my silly graphics, that’s all. I’m really glad someone enjoys my work.

  • sogarab says:

    Beautiful icons.
    Thanks for share.

  • lemondedis says:

    superbes !!!… de très belles images… merci de nous les faire partager… Is

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