Using Digital Software in Graphic Designing

When artists originally started using computers to help them create art in the 1950s, they were restricted by the technology’s limitations at the time.  They either had to figure out how to program the computers themselves (because there was no such thing as a user interface or UI, or a mouse…those things didn’t come about…


Can Electronic Technology Kill Classic Illustrating Methods

In addition to all of the drawing and painting options now available to artists through digital tools, which would have required a huge variety of art tools and painting implements to achieve before, not to mention vastly greater amounts of time, come digital photography manipulation tools as well.  Any person with access to these software…


Just Some Tools of the Trade

I love art supply stores. I believe heaven is a fusion of Staples, Ryman, Paperchase, and a Japanese stationary store in a marshmallow bouncy castle where puppies are allowed and strawberry smoothies gush from fountains. It drives everyone around me crazy that every time we’re out and walk in front of such a shop I…


Can Traditional Art Survive Digital Advances?

As technology grows more and more advance and as it becomes a daily part of people’s lives, it also allows them access to new things. With the internet, art is viewable as people are out and about, letting them have a more involved experience. The very definition of what art is has changed as virtually…


How Old & New Can Co-Exist

Advances in technology allow artists to share their work with little or no costs. It’s also an easy and accessible method of teaching children to be creative in different mediums. They still learn how to use pen and paper, clay, make prints, and play instruments but they also use apps that professionals use. Therefore, learning…


Can Technology “Kill” Classic Sketching?

Every day our phones, tablets and computers get inundated by a gigantic amount of apps and software. Of all the releases there are some dedicated to illustration; I’m not going to judge here if they are any good. Today I’d like to talk about something that was proposed to me while out drinking with friends….


The New Vogue: Doodling

Have you noticed the latest trends on the market? Everywhere you look there’s a colouring book! Apparently, people just found out that colouring can be a stress-relieving activity! Imagine when they discover sketching? (I’m trying to be sarcastic here, can you tell?) Well, they have. Not artistic sketching like going to the museum and drawing…