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I designed the logo for the Android app Gradebook.

I was contacted by Erich Douglass to design a logo for his Android app Gradebook. The app is designed to be used by students to keep track of school assignments, course work, and their GPA.
Erich sent me links to similar apps and logos he liked. He suggested I concentrate on graphic metaphors connected to school so I sent him a few sketches. I always try to come up with at least three different concepts for app logos, ranging from the most obvious to the most far out. It’s important to stretch your imagination at this stage. As usual, the simplest concept was the best one (#3):
I created the icon based on the approved sketch:
Obviously it was too busy. We decided to simplify it in order to make it read better so here’s the final version:
All in all this was a fun project. I especially enjoyed the quick turnaround which always makes me itch for more and more work.

Here’s Erich’s testimonial about our collaboration:

Working with Andrea as been fantastic! As someone who is new to working with a freelancer, I wasn’t sure what to expect. Once I had sent him my contact information Andrea responded promptly to my request and helped guide me through the process. After describing the application to him, he quickly sketched up a few icon ideas and we proceeded to refine the concept until we came up with the final icon. The results were great and I belive that a great icon will help set my application apart from the crowd.
If I need any design work done in the future, Andrea will be the first person I contact.

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