“I SHIT DESIGN” T-Shirt available!

Designers tend to be self-absorbed. It comes with the territory. When you make a living by creating things you better believe you’re good.

Lately I’ve seen many websites that boast quotes from famous designers (and CEO superstars hailing from infinite loops). I think they’re supposed to show the visitors that the owners of the websites, in many instances designers themselves, are in the know. It probably works but I wouldn’t know, I’m not easily impressed and I’m not a client. To me it just shows that so-and-so has read book so-and-so. Big deal. Anyway I decided to make my version of a design quote and I’m putting it on a T-shirt.

I Shit Design T-Shirt

It’s a tongue-in-cheek rendition of the aforementioned statements, only truer to what, in my opinion, they really are: just another way to put ourselves in the necessary state of mind to block out doubt and let the creative juices flow. Fizz!

The T-shirt is available from my Cafe Press Shop.
If you feel like showing other people that you take your profession so seriously you can crack a joke about it, go buy it!

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