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A few words on my new personal project.

For a while now I’ve stopped creating tutorials and freebies to concentrate on personal work. If you browse my Portfolio Gallery you will see that I’ve moved away from icon design to focus exclusively on illustration. After trying out different directions (posters, typography etc.) I’ve finally settled on portrait/caricature drawing and digital painting.
In my 13 years as a professional graphic artist those are the things I never really learned so from now on that’s all I’m gonna be doing. My main ongoing project is portraits of characters from TV shows and here’s what I’ve done so far:

Frank Costanza from Seinfeld:
Frank Costanza

Tattoo from Fantasy Island as The Man From Another Place from Twin Peaks:
Fantasy Peaks

Ron Swanson from Parks and Recreation starring in his own spin-off series “Swanson, p.i.”:
Swanson, P.I.

The last two are TV mashups, remixes of characters from different shows.
Not only does this project allow me to practice new skills, it’s a way for me to pay tributes to the TV characters I love and the actors that play them.

Head over to my personal website and my Portfolio Gallery to see detailed shots and process explanations.

I hope you like my new works and that they inspire you to pursue new directions too, improving your skills and having fun in the process.

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